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Since the arrival of its first settler in 1829, the story of Kalamazoo has been an interesting one. Out of the southwest Michigan wilderness, a small 19th century village quickly blossomed into a 20th century city. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a wide variety of industries made Kalamazoo a boomtown.

Everything from paper, corsets, taxicabs, and pharmaceuticals allowed Kalamazoo to develop into a major center of manufacturing. At the same time, several colleges that would establish the area as a center for education were organized and expanded. Fortunately, much of Kalamazoo‚’s development has been well-documented through photographs and other visual illustrations. These images are the subjects of thisvolume, which is organized to show the varied elements of Kalamazoo‚’s history. Gathered from local archives and private collections, most of these rare photographs have never before been published.

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