IN 2004,

Lana opened her first boutique on the campus of Western Michigan University. It featured some of her favorite designer denim lines alongside fashionable tops and dresses. The store was so well received by the college students that Lana decided to expand her business in 2008. After opening a larger store in the quaint downtown shopping district of Kalamazoo, she opened two more stores in St. Joseph Michigan. Currently, Lana’s Boutique in Kalamazoo and St. Joseph, as well as the Lazy Daisy in St. Joseph, are unique shopping destinations for Southwest Michigan.

One of Lana’s other passions is helping animals in need. Her stores have always been a safe haven for unwanted and abused kittens as they awaited forever homes. To date, she has fostered and placed over 300 cats into loving families. When not working at her stores, Lana is a well-known professional jazz singer; performing and entertaining regionally at various concerts, lounges, clubs, private events, and theaters.

Through my customers and the community, I’ve been fortunate to help adopt so many kittens and cats that originally had no shot at survival. Yes, fashion is one of my passions, but saving animals is what really makes me feel alive. However, it is because of Lana’s Boutique, and because of my loyal customers, that I’ve had tremendous support, donations, and connections over the past 14 years.